Woodside’s dirty track record

As global pressure on fossil fuel companies continues to grow and the world turns to renewables, Woodside is now trying to lock in as many fossil fuel projects as possible – before renewable energy kills off demand for their dirty gas.

Woodside is the key driver behind Scarborough, and it’s one of the most polluting companies in Australia.

Scarborough is just the latest in a long line of blunders that has given Woodside its dodgy reputation. Here’s a quick guide to some of the reasons you can’t trust Woodside.

Not cleaning up after themselves

Destruction of Aboriginal rock art 

The Australian Government spied on East Timor on behalf of Woodside

  • The Australian Secret Intelligence Service spied on the East Timorese Government in order to gain advantage in negotiations for oil and gas fields that Woodside went on to exploit.
  • Then Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, is reported to have ordered ASIS to spy on East Timor, which benefitted Woodside. Downer later walked into a lucrative role working for Woodside.

Taking it out on workers, while executives roll in cash

Undermining human rights, worker’s rights and gender equality across the world