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The science is clear. The world can’t afford any new fossil fuel developments. Yet off the North West coast of Australia, Woodside and BHP are trying to build one of the dirtiest new fossil fuel projects currently planned in Australia – on track to release as much pollution as 20,000 flights around the world every day, for the next 25 years.

Say NO to Scarborough gas is a coalition of community-powered organisations speaking out to stop the climate destruction Woodside and BHP are planning to unleash with the Scarborough offshore gas mine.

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How we’ll win

Scarborough can be stopped. But we need you to Say NO now! 

We’re building on the work of activists around the world who have stood up to big business and big polluters, and demanded an end to the destruction of our climate. 

Now we’re going after the corporate gas buyers and the financiers who are helping Woodside and BHP fund Scarborough. 

Woodside and BHP can’t build Scarborough if nobody wants to buy its dirty gas or fund their dirty offshore mine.