Say NO to Scarborough’s funders

The Scarborough mine will cost around $16 billion dollars (AUD). Woodside needs to massively expand the existing Pluto gas processing facility to handle the new gas from Scarborough, and that is very expensive.

In order to Say NO to Scarborough Gas, we will also need to Say NO to the companies and big businesses which are financing the project or which make it economically viable.

Without financial backing, Scarborough can not go ahead.

Woodside is pushing ahead with its dangerous Scarborough gas project – but it can’t finance the whole development alone.

Say NO to Global Infrastructure Partners

Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP)- a faceless corporation investing in equity and debt – is now Woodside’s only remaining potential investment partner and is reported to be in advanced discussions over a $4bn stake.

If we are to stop Scarborough, we need to Say NO to GIP.

If GIP funds Woodside’s Pluto 2 and Scarborough development, it will be signing a cheque for 1.6 billion tonnes of carbon emissions over the next 25 years.

Future generations are depending on us saying no to new fossil fuel developments and meeting Australia’s international obligations to drive down emissions.

Pushing GIP to back out of negotiations with Woodside is critical to stopping Scarborough from going ahead.

We can stop Scarborough dead in its tracks if GIP walks away from this project. It’s time to speak up and Say NO to GIP.