The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) sixth Assessment report published in August 2021, and a recent report indicating that 84%[1] of Australians believe climate change warrants immediate action, the biggest question for our people is how our country became so completely out of touch on the key issue of the 21st Century.

The IPCC has confirmed we can no longer wait to act. Make your voice heard by saying NO to Scarborough gas.

In 2005, as humanity began to recognise the imminent threat caused by anthropogenic carbon emissions, a few wealthy politicians and businessmen ensured Australia entrenched itself in a decade of inaction. That year, a Liberal leadership spill caused the ascension of lifelong sceptic Tony Abbot by a single vote and led to the undoing of an emission trading scheme in Parliament.

Half a decade later, Labor tried again to put a price on carbon and make early steps towards a greener future. Again, leaders were defeated by an anti-carbon tax campaign paid for by powerful and entrenched interests. Division and anti-intellectualism in our political parties held sway once again, and the lack of a centralised or sensible approach to the problem has left Australia isolated by its allies, trade partners and even its own citizens.

Climate denialism is just not rooted in ignorance. Billions in donations by oil and gas companies, the revolving door between political office and fossil fuel boards and undue influence by corporate interests have put the brakes on action for a better future in favour of costly apathy. This year, a man who proudly announced that hell would freeze over before he worked with the Greens on climate policy was reinstated as Deputy PM and Nationals party leader. Meanwhile, Australians pay some of the highest prices in the world for their ‘cheap energy[2]’ and roast in an increasingly extreme climate.

Our only commitments are insubstantial and even today, with a ‘code red’ warning from the best authority on the problem, our leaders have refused to take any meaningful climate action. They generate inconsequential sound bites about technology over taxes and a gas-led renewal. Their government wastes time and money taking children to court to avoid their legal responsibilities while proudly ignoring science. Their cronies govern our lives while they plug their ears to the Australians who every day beg them for action. They want to talk about gold medals, but all we are podium for is ignorance and selfishness. They want to avoid any new taxes, but don’t care how much future generations have to pay. They shamelessly deflect blame onto developing nations and ignore the economics of renewable power. In short, the people in charge have let us down for too long.

The IPCC has confirmed we can no longer wait to act. Make your voice heard by saying NO to Scarborough gas.

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[2] AER reports on high wholesale electricity prices on 10 June 2021 | Australian Energy Regulator